iTools For Windows

Helps to manage a user's iOS devices on their PC


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  • Category Mobile
  • License Free
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  • Size 15.98 MB
  • Works under Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows 2003 / Windows XP / Windows 98 SE
  • Language English
  • Program by Thinksky

iTools for Windows is an iTunes alternative that lets you connect to and manage your Apple devices.

iTools for Windows is an application for managing iPhones, iPods, iPads and other Apple devices that you can connect to a PC. This is a lightweight and portable solution. In other words, it doesn’t need many resources, can run on older computers and doesn’t require installation. That means that you can take it with you on a USB flash drive or SD card and just run it from there when you need it.

This program provides all iTunes features, including the ability to back up and restore the device as well as manage apps and individual files. It also provides features that iTunes does not. Some of these are features Apple users have requested for a long time, and others are features you may have never realized you wanted but will certainly use once you have access to them.

This program doesn’t just add features but tweaks the usability of standard iTunes features. Almost every feature provided by iTools for Windows supports one-click operation. This includes backup, restore and manage, and there’s even a one-click cleanup tool that will free up storage by deleting unneeded files and automatically tweak your device for better performance.

iTools for Windows fully supports jailbroken devices, and even with non-jailbroken devices, it lets you manually tweak your device and have access to some otherwise hidden options. You can manage the installation and uninstallation of apps. You can review storage levels, manage storage and move files back and forth between your PC and your Apple device. The program even supports automatic transfer of MP3s to M4Rs, which makes managing your music more convenient.

The app also has a ringtone maker, which is something Android supports by default. Despite many requests, Apple simply refuses to include it with iTunes, but with the built-in ringtone maker, you can make ringtones from your music, install them and otherwise manage them.

One area where iTunes surpasses iTools for Windows is overall speed. The handshake between the program and an Apple device is noticeably slower, and some other operations can be slower as well. File transfer speed and app installation are fine, however, and most users who need these advanced features will be willing to make the tradeoff of a little slowness during device connection.


  • Portable
  • All iTunes features supported
  • Extends iTunes with new features


  • No direct access to iTunes store
  • Device connection slower than with iTunes
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